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ADEX USA was founded as a family endeavor by professionals committed to the craft. Since 1897, when the original ADEX factory was built in Onda, Castellon, Spain, the family-owned company has striven to produce the most reliable, high-quality tile and stone on the market.

For an opportunity to add a decorative touch and unique feel to your room or project, ADEX has many collections and styles to choose from, like Studio, City, Diamonds, Hampton, and Coordinating Floor styles. Their Neri collection has an assortment of decorative tile trims including Waves, Byzantine, Classic interweaving swirls, and a multitude of moldings in gloss finishes and colors from white, bone, and grey to black. If you would like a room, countertop, wall, or backsplash that is both elegant and functional, select a tile to fit your desired atmosphere and use a Neri trim to give it the distinct, personal feel that is not found anywhere else.

If your interests lean toward a more modern and simple aesthetic, try ADEX’s City style. It will certainly add unique lines and a professional look to any modern home or business, from bathrooms to foyers and hallways. At ADEX USA, there is a style to fit your desires.

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