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Home owners today find materials from nature relaxing and calm. That is why natural stone products are becoming so popular with those redecorating or renovating. There is nothing quite like walking barefoot across a kitchen floor that is made from the same materials that kings once walked upon in ancient times.

Our selection of products includes: limestone, marble, onyx, travertine, textured stone, geometric relief, field mosaics, specialty mosaics, boarders and liners. See also our fabulous line of quartz in: Auberge, Cosmic Black, Galaxy Silver, Indigo Beige, Juno White or Superior Grey. You can also special order items such as: stone sinks, stone tubs, tables or fireplaces. Consider us also for your outdoor needs such as: landscaping, paving exterior walls, pool coping, columns or staircases.

As always, we provide the most luxurious materials that you can feel as well as see. When your senses are affected by your decorating, you can be assured that you have achieved the perfect balance.

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