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Ahnzu is a very unique line of distinctive surfaces drawn from the earth and crafted to reflect the subtle imagery and beauty found in nature. These intricately designed and meticulously crafted floor and wall tiles are astonishing in their sophisticated elegance.

Our tiles series are profoundly evocative of elemental nature with materials drawn directly from the earth and used to create spectacular design. Our line includes natural and precious stone tiles, metal medallions and decorative inserts and borders, glass art tile and artistic ceramic and porcelain tile. These tiles are suitable for a variety of design applications from kitchen backsplash walls to outdoor patio flooring and will provide a fabulous focal point as earthen wall art.

One specific line of which we are quite proud is the Ahnzu Messalia collection, which features pewter, bullion and copper tiles in a 4”x4” field tile with spectacular frieze and bead tile inserts and accent strips, including a fleur de lis button tile, and a two inch dragonfly molded metallic tile accent. You can let Nature herself inspire your next tile design project with the use of the elemental tile craftsman products available in the Ahnzu tile collection.

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