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Reggio Emilia, Italy

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Our company is headquartered in the ceramic district of Sassuolo in Italy, and is staffed by designers and artisans with the full support of generations of skill and craftsmanship. Alfalux offers a complete line of full-body fine porcelain wall and floor tiles, glazed porcelain tiles, and single and double fired tiles.

Our collections contain a wide range of size and color choices that are each meticulously crafted with an eye for artistic detail and aesthetic appeal. Our designers remain abreast of the current design trends for kitchen and bathroom floor and wall tile installations and continually introduce new styles to our lines, while maintaining our respect for tradition and devotion to the classical elements of ceramic tilemaking. With a multitude of beautiful colors and styles options on hand, we can provide the suitable accompaniment to the most discriminating design.

We strive to provide eco-friendly materials and practice green manufacturing processes as we all work to protect our planet where we are building our homes and commercial spaces. Our tile is produced by talented craftsmen and designed to maintain its timeless beauty and durability for the entire life of your home.

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