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Antiquity Tile is truly a one-of-a-kind manufacturer that you’ll find selling tile. All their products are handcrafted and has a vitreous resilient surface that actually requires no sealant. Featured on HGTV, Antiquity Tile is inspired by beautiful styles of classical sophistication.

This tile store has a gorgeous showroom that features things like a lion painted onto a tile, gold airbrushed stones set inside a diagonal tile, green interspersed with wood, and all perfect for just about any kind of floor. The tiles are crafted from clay and graze scraps that are actually recycled. Help the environment and do some recycling when you purchase your tiles from the company.

Visit the store to get professional advice on what would suit you best. Or, hear stories about the clay artisans who create the beautiful tiles. Much like a village pottery of yesteryear, the tiles are crafted always by hand and crafted in designs that are each unique.

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