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Ariana Ceramica - Italian Tiles.
Reggio Eillia, Italy

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With many styles and selections to choose from, this company has set itself apart from other tile companies. While there may be fewer categories (nine) than at other tile places, this company makes up the difference by offering many colors and sizes to help customers make the right decision.

The Marmoris collection has styles in a dozen colors ranging from the traditional black and white tiles to the more elaborate gray and pink selections. There are other colors within that span that would brighten any room and make for interesting conversation. There are four sizes in this category destined to make the job run smoothly.Geo has just five colors in comparison—white, orange, light blue, tan/brown and pink—and in two sizes. However, they are often used in living rooms and kitchens to give it a more sophisticated look and feel. What makes this a good choice is its attention to detail and the craftsmanship that it took to get the tile right.Life should be simple, and in this case, it is. There are nine colors in this pattern that run from the lightest pink to the darkest gray. In between are conversation pieces that speak of color and elegance. Pictured are images of these tiles surrounding the bathroom. However, any kitchen would be used as a centerpiece if customers wanted to go that route with this category. Other patterns are available as well. Choose from Bamboo, Durango, and Athena, among other selections. Other photos show the details that went into each project. The hope is for this company to earn their business.

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