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Ceramica Vallelunga - Italian Tiles.
Nepi, Italy

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An idea that was launched nearly 60 years ago by a group of friends who wanted to do something different, the company now boasts a large selection of wall tiles floor tiles and accessories. There are several styles to choose from depending on personal tastes and perceptions. Through its Pietra Italia samples, the tiles come in a darker brown and can line a living room with little or no effort. The tiles come in different styles and designs. From the more simplicity designs to the more elaborate ideas, the company has a tile in mind.

Trama Ordito can come across as simplistic, but its elegance also shows through in its attempt to bring in the light. This particular piece can withstand the harsh rigors of everyday life. Or, it can be viewed as a centerpiece for a dinner party. How customers want to view this particular piece will determine its uniqueness.

While there are many options for the floor, do not discount their choices of wall tiles. With more than a dozen-and-a-half selection, there is something for everyone. The Fashion line is both elegant in its quiet demeanor. It comes in a dozen different variations and the possibilities are endless. The OT Lux is another example of this, with its understated beauty and charm.

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Italian Ceramic Tile Center

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