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Ceramicas Gaya - Spanish Tiles.
Castellon, Spain

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Spain has its share of beauty, and that translates well with Ceramicas Gaya, the leading manufacturer of tiles. Having connections that span for more than 80 years, Ceramicas wants customers and companies alike to be satisfied with their investment. That is why they take their time to develop the right look and style for their tiles.Looking for something to spruce the living room? They can help with that project. They just need some idea of the type of room you are looking to redo (kitchen, bathroom or living room), the type of tile (Classic, Contemporary, or Rustic) the room size (small, medium or large) and click on the tile that best suits the taste. Roma and Petra tiles are two examples of a medium living room. They offer elegance and style while being functional for every-day living.A large contemporary living room has several choices for the visitor. Nature, Riveria and Transit are several fine examples of ideas that can work for the customer.  Depending on the room or rooms and/or the styles determines how customer can proceed. What makes Caramicas Gaya difference is mixing and matching are not considered freakish. They want consumers to be satisfied with their selection because it is an investment of their time and will be a decision that will last for years.

Tiles Manufacturer Website: Ceramicas Gaya
Based in Spain, Ceramicas Gaya had an impeccable selection of tiles and accessories for the discriminating shopper and store.

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