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Loc.Sant’Antonino, Italy

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A young, innovative company that doesn’t let anything inhibit the unique design and superior quality of their products. Each piece is virtually a masterpiece in itself. Four main collections have come to life, offering the design opportunity of a lifetime.

The Isole collection, meaning “island” in Italian, offers color variations: Salina, Vulcano, Lipari and Blended Isole. These four fantastic tile options have beautiful shades of creams and tans. The Jerusalem Collection offers four main colors and then another four options with the main colors blended in. A stunning collection designed around neutral shades that will match irreplaceable trim or furniture in any home. The Tuscany Collection has wondrous options allowing you to turn your home into the likes of a Tuscan Villa. Five main colors of whites, creams and browns with three different options for matching are offered in this collection.

And last but by far not least, is the Art Collection, with marble, composite travertine, fiore décor and various objects. No matter which collection you choose, you will be awe struck and amazed at what fine quality design can turn your home into.

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