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Dom Ceramiche - Italian Tiles.
Solignano di Castelvetro, Italy

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Depending on the customer’s style and budget, this Italian firm has a diverse selection of tiles and ceramic flooring available. Whether it would be something that would be looked at as a room’s centerpiece or as a backdrop, there are many pieces to choose from. Each piece is meticulously built using various technologies made to last. The four categories are; Avant Guard, Alterier, Classique and Technique. Some of these categories only have a couple of choices inside the subject. Avant Guard and Technique are those categories, with three and two selections, respective. The other categories have more than a dozen to select from. All of them can fit into any room of the house and be the focus or just fade into the backdrop.Looking at the categories one can see the elegance they portray. For example, the Avant Guard pieces (Genesi, Parks and Tonic) can be seen in a bright light or in a set piece that transcends the room. The Technique pieces (so-Ho and XL) are also understated to the client’s taste.

Setting them apart from other companies would be the building process.The company takes several approaches to making their tiles. They use BITECH on some of their products that provide a purely traditional and astatically-pleasing finish. Another way they make their ceramics is the Porcellantro (Impasto Colorato), which gives the tiles added strength to withhold the challenges of every-day living.

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