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Dune Listellos - Spanish Tiles.
San Juan de Moro, Spain

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Small mosaics and glass tiles are coming into fashion and even being used on furniture. To give your room or office an earthy feel, try using modern horizontal stone like Dune’s Vesta or Tasmania designs. They can give an accent wall the necessary look to turn your project room into a cool, memorable experience for anyone who visits. For hallways and rooms with a more modern, but darker feel, try Dune’s Discovery or Matrix styles. If you are bringing a kitchen or other room up to date and would like a backsplash, bar, or other area accented, the glass tile of Pan Silver, Gold Leaf, Forest, or Spider Glass could give any room a gorgeous, unforgettable look. If a larger mural incorporating a bit of nature is more of the aesthetic you are going for, try the Akina. The orchid design would add a sense of calm beauty to the room.

For the best in modern design, tile work, and ideas, Dune has what you are looking for.

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