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In an age of mass production assembly lines, Epro Tile remains true to the craftsmanship and artistry of handmade tile. Made in America since 1963, these authentic handcrafted ceramic and glass tiles have become the most desirable of all decorative tiles and have made Epro Tile the country’s largest manufacturer of handmade tiles.

The superior quality of the “Earth Products” tile selection is evident in many incredibly beautiful tile installations throughout the world. Epro Tile is used to create magnificent floors, wonderful kitchen countertops and backsplashes, and breathtaking wall art. Epro’s Country Home collection offers lovely seasonal colors and beautiful decorative tile.

The Mediterranean Mosaic Glass collection is comprised of gorgeous Venetian glass tiles ranging in colors from Sunset to Sea Foam and makes a fantastic feature element or a decorative insert to coordinate with Seneca tile colors. Glassic tiles are Crackled Glass Tiles with wonderful appeal and unique artistry. Any of the Epro Tile products will give you immense pleasure and satisfaction with your unique custom tile installation.

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