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While many people in the United States regard 1976 as the 200th anniversary of the American Revolution, that year was also the start of something new in Spain. Grespania opened its doors in hopes of giving people a choice of tiles, flooring and other accessories. Now, after 35 years in the market, the company has established itself as an industry leader.

What sets them apart from other places is their attention to detail and their meticulous selection of products. Choosing what works best for a project may be part fun and part maddening. That is because of their ever-expanding catalog of collections and colors to decide. It may be an embarrassment of riches for consumers!

Looking for wall tiles, floor tiles or something out of the box? This company has a wide selection of each with their own style and flair. The wall tiles feature Toledo, Lino and Rivoli with their colors ranging from the bright brown to the darker blues. Floor tiles include collections such as Claudia, Adlip and Volsa. Porcelain tiles come in many styles as well, among them; Hafino, Folkstone and Porfino. Each style has various sizes in all categories) and their own place.

For those seeking something completely different, there is the ProArte Collection. Among the choices in this category include: Tunez, Polar and Diana. They have various colors and designs embedded in the finish and makes for a nice conversation piece.

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