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At the heart of our custom tile making capabilities is our ability to replicate any image onto the surface of ceramic tile. This freedom to photograph anything we want – any element of nature or man-made item – and use that image to transform an ordinary tile application into a unique perspective in environmental design.

Our patented tilemaking process allows customers to turn imagery into ceramic tile to cover virtually any surface, floor, wall or ceiling, indoors and out. We provide an amazing opportunity to use the especially durable surfacing material found in ceramic tile and express the most creative and personalized designs. We are pleased to allow our clients the exciting privilege of submitting their own images and ideas to create the most customized of tile designs.

Our decorative tiles and wall murals are being used in a multitude of both residential and commercial design projects for spectacular spaces in chain restaurants, lounges, airports and more. The superior quality of our product and its unique design capabilities make creating your own custom ceramic tile as easy as taking a picture. Only Imagine Tile can do that for you!

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