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Since 1961, the company has molded itself into an international place for tiles or all styles and images. With their expansive showroom boasting thousands of pieces and works of art, this business wants to earn customers’ business. Their selections are as diverse as the company itself. They have dozens of choices from their collections—ranging from the traditional tiles to the more elaborate fashion lines. They also serve the indoor rooms (bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms) with an impressive array of colors, styles and sizes.

Take the bathroom as one example, that category has several options on display. Customers may choose Crystal Rock, which shows elegance and style while not being overstated with bright colors. The Idea Casa has more colors associated with it, compared to the minimalist Crystal Rock. However, the colors work well with black, white and a tan/brown all working together.

Or, if you prefer the living room and kitchen tiles, there are many choices to be had there. For the kitchen category, customers may choose from an assortment of tiles from their Metal Line, which shows off the room’s futuristic look. The opposite look would be the Architect collection, with its bright white colors. Somewhere in the middle of those options is the Format collection, with its beauty and charm without seeming to be too Goth.

They are also concerned with the environment and work toward not hurting the world around them. The company has asserted itself by creating a strategy on making great products without hurting the environment. They have safeguards in place to ensure both parts of the plan are working together. They want to be good neighbors and they work hard to make sure they are doing things the right way.

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