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If you are looking for cookie cutter designs that can be seen anywhere then you have come to the wrong place. At Stone Impressions it’s all unique; our designs are unlike anything you have ever seen.

Using tumbled light travertine, tumbled light Durango, Bianco or Limestone we create breathtaking designs to be used as: kitchen backsplashes, tile flooring, use it in bathrooms, dens, offices, public buildings and anywhere you want the ultimate in design.

If you see a collection you enjoy but would like to make changes to it we do custom design. One of our patterns is Wine & Grapes; why not have your last name printed on the wine bottles? If you have a picture you adore and would like to use it in your design we can make a mural from your picture. Our collections are a designers dream and something you will be proud to have in your home or business for years to come.

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