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Green has long been more than just a colour for us. It’s been a way of life. Beautiful tile… you feel good using.” Trikeenan Tileworks knows that the world is what you make of it, and for over 20 years has made it a mission to deliver a sustainable and environmentally friendly product that is beautiful, long lasting, and locally made in the Eastern United States.

When you buy Trikeenan tiles, you are buying authentic American made works of art.Every single one of our products, our Boneyard Brick, Reclamation Tile, Modulus Tiles, is not only made with all natural clay and brick materials, but are also sourced locally, making them a product that is able to leave the tiniest carbon footprints possible. On top of this we have been making sure to meet every American environmental standard in every detail in both our product and our manufacturing process! Everything from reusing of clay, wastewater, and glaze waste in our factories to recycling our cardboard, paper, and even our shipping materials!

We know that it takes more than just an empty promise to be a real responsible company!So now you can both rest assure that your next remodeling job will be both as green and as beautiful and comfortable as possible! Let us help you make your world a better place!

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