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Unicom Starker - Italian Tiles.
Modena, Italy

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At Unicom Starker we have quite a following. Millions are reliant on us for the development and implementation of new and exciting products and designs. Architects and contractors use our products for new developments; home owners use our products for the reliability and interior designers use our products for the stunning, sophisticated look they achieve.

Anyone looking for wall tile, floor tile, pool tile, kitchen countertops, patio tile or other types of tile will benefit from our selection. The names of our collections speak volumes about what we offer: Vogue, Glamour, Elite and Elegance. There are only a few of the collections available but they portray the feeling you will get when you use the corresponding products. For us, design in not only what you see, it’s what you feel.

Our Glamour wall tiles will indeed add a fabulous touch of glamour to your space. If you would like to add a bit of vogue to your floor, our floor tile will do wonders for your design. For unimaginable colors, a huge array of sizes and the ultimate in design, we have everything you have been searching for.

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