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Venus Ceramica - Spanish Tiles.
Nules, Castellón, Spain

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The company wants to earn its reputation as an innovator of tiles. With a large selection of pieces dedicated to serving any style or project, they can offer customers a variety of choices. They have been in business since 1988 and the remarkable aspect has been their ability to change with the times.Their selection of tiles spans the gamut in terms of patterns and colors. For example, one can marvel at the grey, black and while tiled Titan Grey that would fit nicely in a bathtub or shower.

The Monte Carlo collection has squares of colors, including red, orange and white in descending order. Colors run from mauve to pink as well. There is plenty to choose from.If none of the choices suit the customer, there are other options. Venus Ceramica has “Looks”—four separate collections that may change minds, and heads. Choose from Romantic Looks, Classic Looks, Trend Looks and Eclectic Looks. Each of them have their own style but are different in their approach.

Customers will have a good time figuring out what they want.Another aspect that sets them apart from other businesses is their attention to detail. They help customers maintain their purchase with warnings regarding the continued upkeep of the flooring. They want people to make sure they do not damage the tiles with the wrong types of cleaning agents or scrubbers. That could either damage the enamel or yellow the tiles, neither of which has positive results.

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