Tile Stores in Bakersfield, CA. Where to buy tiles in Bakersfield

When shopping for tile in Bakersfield, California, home owners demand quality and options. Thankfully just about any tile store in Bakersfield, California, can provide both. Trends in tile have varied wildly over the years resulting in a huge amount of sizes, colors, patterns and materials. Square and white wall tile, floor tile, ceramic tile and porcelain tile are still options but they are quickly being passed over for more vivid colors and different materials. 

If you’ve always dreamed of having the look of reclaimed barn wood in your bathroom but feared real wood would stain you can use tile. Today’s wood tile patterns are so realistic that people have a hard time believing it’s not real wood until they touch it. Mosaic tile used to be thought of as tiny squares but today you can get mosaic shapes like triangles, ovals or hexagons. Italian tile and Spanish tile are still popular options at tile stores in Bakersfield, California, but many people enjoy personalizing spaces with their own style. 

Tile is durable, easy to clean and it’s hypoallergenic. Because of tiles resistance to water, most are impervious to water and stain penetration. They also fare well in high humidity conditions. Tile is durable and will last twenty years or more. Tile in Bakersfield, California, is affordable and it’s an option that will increase the value of your home. 


Bill Ray Tile is a locally owned and operated tile company in Bakersfield. Established in 1956, they provide the highest quality of products consisting of ceramic tile, porcelain tile, natural stone and mosaic tile and flooring accessories.Learn more

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Stockdale Tile is a provider of high end and luxury tile, stone and ceramics. We emphasize on the beauty and aesthetics of our products. Our highly sought after materials come from the finest resources and our products can be viewed as works of art themselves. We also have more porcelain tile, stone, granite and glass tile economic products but nonetheless shine our aesthetic eye into each and everyone of our products.Learn more

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