Arizona Tile Store, Anaheim, California

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Arizona Tile Store, Anaheim, California

1600 S Lewis St, Anaheim, California (CA), 92805 USA 33.8074209 -117.8978975 714-978-6403
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The most eye catching part of your kitchen design is usually the countertops, and if you have an eye for detail, you’ll top that off with an amazing, artistic tile backsplash. At Arizona Tile in Anaheim, you can pick out your new countertops from among an incredibly beautiful and diverse selection of gorgeous natural stone and quartz products from around the world.

As the largest importer of stone slabs in the U.S., Arizona Tile brings natural stone from across the globe, proudly offering offer 200 different kinds of stone, as well as Samsung Radianz Quartz. The slab selection includes gorgeous granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate and even beautiful onyx.

With 25 locations in 7 states, Arizona Tile is happy to be able to offer the most extensive selection of tile and stone in the industry, and continuously is working to develop new designs with their vast network of the top tile manufacturers. You can always count on beauty and quality when you choose your tile and natural stone at Arizona Tile.

We are serving (cities in California): Orange, Santa Ana, Irvine, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, Verritos, Mission Vejo, Downey

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