Milestone Tile Store, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Milestone Tile Store, Santa Fe, New Mexico

1000 Cordova Place, Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM), 87505 USA 35.674111 -105.951086 505-989-1999
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Milestone, Inc. is a far-reaching company with the ability to take stone most places throughout the world.  They are committed to their clientele and the service they require.  Their green-minded approach to stone, tile, and glass is one of the most appealing aspects of the company.  As the exclusive distributor of companies such as Oceanside Glass Tile, which hand produces pieces made of 85% recycled glass, they are committed to conserving the planet.

They are one of the only suppliers of Porphyry in the United States.  They import at affordable prices from Mexico as opposed to bringing it from Europe as others do.  They are also a supplier of travertine, limestone, quartzite, slate, granite, and marble which they bring to customers at cheap prices.  Most of their stone product outside of Porphyry is imported from China or quarried right here in the United States.  While their primary clientele includes businessmen, hotels and restaurants, and residential contractors, they are also able to work with homeowners to meet their personal needs.

They have been in business for over 12 years, and the business savvy Miles Chaffee has been able to keep pricing for the company low and competitive.  They are a member of the Homebuilders Association of New Mexico as well as The Building Stone Institute and the Marble Institute of America and with these connections they have established themselves as a highly reputable business seeking the best for its patrons.

We are serving (cities in New Mexico): Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Truth or Consequences, Taos, Clayton

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Milestone supplies stone and tiling throughout the United States, recently supplying The 21 Club in New York, and even overseas.