Tile Stores in Ridgefield, CT. Where to buy tiles in Ridgefield

Now is time to replace the flooring in the house? Today, you have a huge selection of floor coverings. The leader among them is the tile, which you can buy in the tile store in Ridgefield, Connecticut. People are often concerned about how the modern building materials will affect the health and safety.

In our tile shop in Ridgefield, Connecticut, you can buy tile, which is absolutely harmless for your family and the environment. If you buy ceramic tile, you will forget about allergies, seasonal colds and other infections.

Ceramic tile is reliable product,  very comfortable, it is easy to clean. In addition, it will help your home to avoid the fire. Fire resistance of ceramic tiles makes it the best choice for the floor and walls around the fireplace. Discover marble, porcelain, natural stone and other fantastic floor materials. Many of our wall and floor tiles are available with gloss, polished, matt, shiny or metallic finishes to give your home the perfect look. Our consultants will help you with the choice of tile for your home.

Established in 1993, The Tile Shop offers custom designed hand molded tiles and accents in stone or ceramic created by the world’s best craftsmen. Professional installation is also available and in-home estimates.Learn more

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