Tile Stores in Santa Barbara, CA. Where to buy tiles in Santa Barbara

In this day and age it isn’t necessary to have a home that requires an exceptional amount of cleaning. That’s why many home and business owners are buying tile in Santa Barbara, California. Tile is hypoallergenic and it is especially helpful for people with allergies. Tile does not collect dust mites, dirt, molds or pesticide residues like carpet does. People are choosing tile for its beauty, versatility, durability and because maintenance and cleaning is so easy. 

Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, Italian tile and Spanish tile look fantastic in any home. There are so many colors, styles and sizes available that most people are amazed at what they have to choose from. Tile has evolved over the years and the image of white or cream tile has now been replaced by saturated colors in mosaics, hand-detailed tile patterns or materials like glass or metal. Tile is versatile and works in a bathroom as well as it works in a kitchen. Many tile stores in Santa Barbara, California, offer free design consultations. 

Wall tile or floor tile purchased at a tile store in Santa Barbara, California, helps a local business. It also saves you high shipping costs as compared to ordering off the Internet and many stores offer installation services. Buy tile in Santa Barbara, California, and you’ll always have friends in the tile business. 


Since 1976 Buena Tile and Stone has been actively working on a large scope of residential and commercial projects. From restaurants to estate homes or institutional businesses to beach homes, we have the edge when it comes to quality design.Learn more

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Dalgenes Interiors has a full service interior design showroom located in Santa Barbara. We specialize in flooring materials like carpet, wood, laminates, cork, tile, stone and linoleum and we also offer window coverings.Learn more

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For over 38 years Tileco has been committed to offering only the finest quality ceramic tile and natural stone products available anywhere in the world today. Quality, style, service, selection and affordable prices are guaranteed.Learn more

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