Tile Stores in Ventura, CA. Where to buy tiles in Ventura

If your allergies are getting worse you should put away the vacuum and throw away the carpet. Did you know that carpets collect dirt, dust mites, mold and even residues from pesticides? That’s right, it’s time to shop for tile in Ventura, California. Ceramic tile and porcelain tile are some of the cleanest options for hard surface coverings you can buy. Tile stores in Ventura, California, have huge quantities of tile to choose from and it’s available at affordable prices. 

Wall tile and floor tile are popular options in bathrooms. Kitchens look spectacular with mosaic tile or glass tile on a backsplash. Patios, spa and pool tile can turn fun spaces into stunning outdoor retreats. Italian tile in a dining room or Spanish tile in an entry way look fantastic. Tile is available in a rainbow of colors, a plethora of styles and numerous sizes. You can put tile in any room in your home. 

Find a tile store in Ventura, California, that has a showroom where you can see different products. Feeling the textures and seeing your tile choices next to different paint swatches can really show you what kind of end result you will get. Tile is a clean alternative to carpet, it’s hypoallergenic, it’s durable, it’s easy to clean and it lasts for many years. Isn’t it time to find tile in Ventura, California.


Carpet Galleria Ventura is a locally owned and operated flooring specialty business. Products offered include; carpet, tile, natural stone, laminate and hardwood. Our goal is to educate our customers on flooring so they can make informed decisions.Learn more

Ceramic tiles, Metal tiles, Mosaic tiles, Onyx tiles, Porcelain tiles, Stone

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At Tile Encounters you can expect more than just spectacular wall and flooring products. We also offer bathroom accessories, countertops, floor heating systems and a variety of services that sets us apart from other tile stores.Learn more

Ceramic tiles, Marble tiles, Metal tiles, Mosaic tiles, Porcelain tiles, Stone