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Why is Land of Tile unique?

Land of Tile is your go-to web resource for the largest, highest quality selection of residential and commercial tiles form around the world. Our directory boasts a choice of more than 59,000 tile variants from over 2,000 tile stores in the US. After being in business for over 10 years, we have gained an industry-wide reputation for connecting tile buyers of all kinds to the right tile products at their local tile stores.

Convenience for Our Customers

We know that finding the right tiles is crucial to the success of any interior design project. That’s why our extensive tile database is equipped with an extremely functional and easy-to-use search tool that allows search for a specific tile in your local tile stores. To that end, our directory:

  • Boasts a wide variety of frequently updated tile variants.
  • Allows you to search for tile using different parameters i.e. by material, color, brand, size and so on.
  • Hosts a dedicated store finder tool, allowing you to narrow down any search to your local tile stores.

Increased Sales for New and Existing Partner Tile Stores

Building a consistent base of loyal customers is a labour-intensive, time-consuming task – and we’re here to help. Our directory, at its very core, helps connect tile buyers and tile stores. Harnessing a technology-driven approach, Land of Tile:

  • Hosts your store profile with information on brands and products you offer.
  • Provides a class-leading, purpose-built tile engine that could be implemented on your website as well, allowing you access to our database of huge selection of tile brands, collections, variants.
  • Brings you local customers through an organic Google search.

Let us bring your customers to you. All you have to do is pack the tile.

If You’re Looking to Buy Tile, Find Reputable Tile Stores, or List Your Tile Store’s Products on A Great Directory…

Land of Tile is for you. On the buyer end of things, we have kept buyers happy by helping them find the perfect tile collections from their local tile stores.

With our partner stores, advertising on our directory or incorporating our tile engine on their website has helped massively increase sales, boost customer awareness, and drive profits.