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Why is Land of Tile?

Land of Tile is your top choice online resource for the largest, highest quality selection of residential and commercial tiles and slabs from around the world. Land of Tile lists over 159,000 tile and countertop options in more than 2,000 stores across the US. With over 10 years in business, we're known for helping customers find the exact products they need at local tile stores.

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Easy Shopping for Customers

Finding the perfect tiles is crucial for any renovation project. That's why Land of Tile offers a powerful yet easy-to-use search tool. With this, you can swiftly locate specific products at tile stores near you. Our directory provides:

  • A wide and frequently updated range of tiles and countertops.
  • The ability to filter your search by material, color, brand, size, and more.
  • A dedicated tool to assist you in finding tile stores nearby.

We don't sell tiles; we help you find what you need at a local tile store.

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More Sales for Tile Stores

Attracting loyal customers can be challenging and time-consuming. We simplify this process. Our website connects local customers with tile stores, using technology to:

  • Highlight information about the stores’ brands and products.
  • Integrate our advanced tile search engine into stores’ websites, allowing them to showcase their inventory.
  • Attract local customers via Google search.

We help bring customers to tile stores. All they need to do is pack the tiles.

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