Ceramic Tiles for Large Bathroom Spaces

Choosing the type of tile can be difficult in small bathrooms, but larger rooms can also pose some challenges. Seize the opportunity. Large bathrooms give you a chance to create unique ceramic tile designs that will imbue your home with a character all its own. Tile work within a bathroom is unlike paint or wallpaper. For most homes, the tile will remain for the life of the house. 

Tile Size

To truly make your large bathroom space exquisite, 24”x24” tile squares can give it a clean, elegant look from the floors to the walls. For a wider or more modern appeal, try 12”x24” ceramic or stone tiles.  

Important Differences

Something to keep in mind as you decide is the hardness of the tile and whether there will be much traffic in the designated room. For medium-to-heavy traffic, The PEI Scale recommends Class 3-5, 5 being the hardest and most durable. Ceramic tiles with Class 1 or 2 hardness ratings should be used primarily on walls and floors that will not receive heavy traffic.  

Adding Character

Often large bathroom spaces give you the opportunity to incorporate smaller ceramic tiles and mosaics into your bathroom designs for added detail. Sometimes these ceramic tiles have a Class 1 or 2 rating, so inquire and use them appropriately. They can add wonderful designs and an aesthetic feel to your room that is unmatched. Here is a great example of incorporating mosaic designs to accentuate the elegance of spacious or elongated bathrooms. Or watch these gorgeous ceramic tiles come together in this bathroom tile project.

As you can see, the true character is in the unique details of ceramic and mosaic tiles. Search the vast selection and find the character hidden within your large bathroom. It is only a tile project away.

Ceramic Tiles for Large Bathroom