Great Backsplash Ideas

Designing a great kitchen can make a huge difference in the appearance and value of your home, and one of the most important visual elements in your design is the kitchen backsplash wall.

kitchen backsplash wallThe kitchen backsplash is often underestimated in its capacity to make an impact on your kitchen’s design. The fact is, on entering a kitchen one doesn’t usually look down at the floor or up at the cabinets, but eye level, straight ahead. So in the wider scope of vision you see the counters and the cabinets, but what’s directly in front of you? The backsplash! This area gives you an amazing opportunity to bring together all of the elements of your kitchen design with a creative, artistic tile installation.

You can use your tile backsplash to create a dramatic focal point, or you can subtly enhance your countertops and cabinets with a backdrop in coordinating tile. It will depend a lot upon the kind of countertops you’ve chosen, and your general design style and tastes. Here are a few specifics that can give you great ideas for your own kitchen:

Splashes with Dramatic Effect:

Here’s a design with some “Wow!” A subtly shaded 6” field tile provides a neutral background for a framed-out tile “window” comprised of a blend of rhomboids in textured porcelain, crushed glass and Rainforest marble. A coordinating “window” on the opposite wall over the stove doubles the effect, and gives this kitchen design incredible impact.

Another creative backsplash design idea incorporates the gorgeous granite custom fabricated for the countertops. Here a section of stone that was a natural work of art itself is the focal point of the backsplash design. A simple square field tile installation using a stone-look porcelain tile, with smaller corner inserts in copper-colored glass tile is sophisticated and stylish, but it’s that natural stone art piece that makes this design unique, creative and spectacular!

Subtle Elegance:

Elegance backsplash Sometimes the best design for your backsplash is going to be a subtle backdrop for a spectacular countertop. In this design, the homeowner has selected natural stone that is “Wow!” all by itself.

The Delicatus Italian granite here is the focal point and feature of this kitchen’s design, so we want the backsplash to create an elegant backdrop for the stone. However, too plain and simple would let down that glorious granite, so the antique white Crackle-Glazed Harlequin ceramic tile created just the right touch.

Classical Style:

Classical StyleA kitchen with formal elegance or one that needs to make a statement in good taste requires a backsplash design that is extraordinary in its artistry. You can take advantage of beautiful listello tiles and molded decorative inserts and murals to express creativity.

A classic design incorporates one straight row, crowned with a border of listello tile, then tile the field diagonally. A listello-framed focal point brings the design together for an overall effect that is aesthetically pleasing.

A creative backsplash tile installation brings the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen design!!