How To Tile

Have you always wondered how to install tile or how to install stone?

Do you want to learn how to tile like a professional so that installing ceramic tile is a breeze? No matter if you’re installing floor tile or doing a tile shower installation project, you’ll need to learn the tips of the trade before you can begin. Below are the steps to basic tile installation. With this guide you’ll know how to install tile flooring in no time:

  1. Prepare the surface. In most cases a clean, flat, and sturdy surface is enough. Sometimes ceramic tile installation may require you to use a durable wall that is able to support the weight of the tile. The same goes for stone installation as well. Be sure the surface is suitable.
  2. Decide on a layout .The most important part of tiling is the layout. By rule it is recommended that the pattern you use is square. With a square shape the finished product will be symmetrical. You are free to choose the design, colors, and textures to be used.
  3. Install using mortar and press the tiles into place. Repeat until the entire surface is tiled.
  4. Cut tiles as required to fit the needed space.

If you’re looking to find the perfect tile for any room in your home, be sure to use our tile gallery to find tile installers and stores near you! They will be able to talk to you about tile installation cost and other important information. You’re sure to find a great tile installation price!

In the end no matter if you do tiling on your own or if you hire a company, you’ll want to be sure that everything is done properly. The completed project should look beautiful, as tile and stone (marble or granite) are known to accent any home or room!