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Solignano (Modena), Italy

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Since its inception in 1970, this company has provided the best in tiles for customers worldwide. They have an expansive collection of wood, ceramic, stone and other tiles for people to consider. Their work comes in many styles, colors and sizes and will fit into any project’s budget.

Their Modern Collection boasts of some 10 choices for people to consider. Among the styles available include: Hypnotic with its patterns that demand to be seen (the one pictured is a mix of blue and white floor tiles in the living room); Suisse with its understated demeanor and catchy styles, and the Castelli Sensei with its minimalistic look and feel but is durable and has plenty to discuss.More people may be interested in the company’s Stone Collection with its nine selections to choose from. Among the tiles in this category include: Vulcania, a good choice for a bathroom remodeling project. Olympia, another excellent choice for the bathroom with its new-age feel and little flair, and Downtown, designed for the business that wants to attract more customers—or at least keep them in their store.

For customers looking for something completely different, there is the Gold Collection with four categories to select from: Tatami, Borderie, Vulkan and Diamond. All of them comes in various colors but all of them differ from the other collections in their appearance and approach to showing off the rooms. Unlike the other collections, these four stand out in their design (more active than passive)

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