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Sassuolo, Italy

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Creative design, technological innovation, consolidated experience: these are the fortes of Monocibec, leader company that has been a main reference point for the ceramic world for over 50 years. Progenitor of the Group Fincibec, Monocibec is known as brand specialized in the manufacturing of products with high esthetic-technological content. It can thus anticipate trends offering the market a complete range of highly precious fine grès porcelain collections, outstanding for their beauty and use flexibility. Monocibec: the history of a great brand to be continued.

Monocibec has been pursuing a careful and continuous industrial ecology policy for many years. The whole productive cycle offers special guarantees for environmental protection. All Monocibec products are manufactured using raw materials with low impact on the environment and limitedly using natural resources such as water and natural gas; in particular, the used electricity is self-produced through the cogeneration system, dramatically reducing emissions in the atmosphere. All manufacturing scraps are re-used in the productive cycle.

All wastes from activities not included in the production are carefully and separately collected, recycled and disposed of. Each step of the product manufacturing (raw material extraction, glaze preparation, glazing, firing, sorting and packaging) strictly pays attention to respecting environment and man through an analysis of the whole product life cycle.

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