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Established in 1969 in Fiorano Modenese, today Settecento is one of the most recognized, dynamic and brightest tile manufacturers present on the market. This Italian tile company has been designing and manufacturing wall and floor tiles for over 50 years. The entire production process, along with the whole research and product development, takes place on "their territory", because they firmly believe in the Made in Italy in terms of both business activity and creativity. This allows them to proudly carry the “Ceramics of Italy” trademark on all our products, a true warranty of the best and highest quality standards.

Settecento offers beautiful and durable porcelain tiles with many different "looks" - marble and stone, wood and bamboo, cement and concrete, as well as porcelain mosaics for all kinds of applications - tile for kitchen and bathroom, backsplash, shower tile and outdoor tile.

If you are looking for a way to transform your home or office, add unique character to any room, you can’t go wrong with the best ceramic tiles from Settecento. Enjoy browsing our extensive tile database, narrow down your search with different filters such as tile color, size, pattern and application, and find your perfect tile. Then check the list of tile stores that offer this tile and contact them directly.

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