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Gualdo Tadino, Italy

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Your home is your most valuable asset. It’s where you work, play and lay your weary head down to sleep each night. Your space should reflect who you are; it should be comforting to you and provide some peace.

At Tagina, our line of tiles reflects who we are and where we have been. Timeless and classy, intricate and bold, our tile can take your space anywhere you want it to go.

Our Space Identity line of tile is available in eleven different colors. A mix of wood, glass and metal make this tile unique, trendy and durable. The Joe collection is also available in eleven colors but certain glazes applied during the production process give this tile a stunning, shimmering effect. Light bounces off of it creating a one-of-a-kind surface that is as much art as it is flooring. It’s not just tile, it’s our tile and we make it for you.

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