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No matter what types of flooring you are looking for, ProSource of Seattle is the one place to go. They have a showroom loaded with name brand tiles and accessories. Tradesmen can select from the following brands: Metal Tile Technology, Ceratec, Shaw Ceramic and others. They carry several dozen brand name companies that they do business with. It would benefit the trade person or the customer to check out their selections.

Within the tile section there are many types of styles and colors to choose from. Pick from any of their tiles ranging from Arctic Bay Field, Aedes Regis Horgia, and Candalara Glass Wall Leaf, among hundreds of others . Colors run the gamut, from a white base to a dark brown. It would be beneficial to see for them what they have in stock.

There are other styles such as hardwood, natural stone and laminate floors that are offered to the customers as well. Showrooms have various colors and styles to choose from. Among the selections available in the natural stone category include: Vintage Stone, Tumbled Slate and more. Within those areas, people can pick from different types of Vintage Stone and/or Tumbled Slate.

The company does not do installations, but have staff on call to discuss potential problems with the process and to answer additional questions about the materials, etc.

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