Venice Genoa Tile LLC, Vancouver, Washington

The company boasts numerous colors, shapes and styles of tiles for customers to select. They will not be undersold by the competition. They import their stock from Italy. In fact, their logo boasts two historic Italian buildings in Venice and Geneva. That is to symbolize their connection to the country and for the attention to detail they provide in their service, their products and their commitment to customer service.

While they do not report what types of products they hold, they do explain what each product represents. For example, they mention that marble tiles are not created by man. Therefore, the imperfect styles and creations are also its charm. Every piece is different in its own form and shape.

Another example is the metal tiles. They are seen as a complementary piece of the job. They can also be used as a centerpiece for other images. There are more ideas and styles to pick through.

When the tile selection is complete, there are materials for the do-it-yourself professional. Choose from saws, sealants and other tools. The staff is ready to answer questions and provide support when needed.The company wants to help with the next project. Feel free to contact them by telephone for an appointment or stop by their showroom and get an idea of the direction the project should go.

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