10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Tile

The kitchen is a special room that gives designers the opportunity to use many different types of tile, but choosing which tile to use where requires more know-how than just basing it on look and appeal. Here are 10 tips to help you decide on tile for your next kitchen project.

10 Tips

1.Decide which areas to tile – Considering your design and ideas ahead of time is the first step. Where do you want to incorporate tile in your kitchen? 

2.Consider cost – How much are you willing to spend? Do not fall in love with an ornate idea only to overspend trying to complete it.  

3.Consider your family’s habits – Wear and tear from the people in the home will dictate how hard and durable a tile you need for each area. 

4.Know the different types of tile – For kitchens there are many types of tile to choose from, including: stone, ceramic, porcelain, cork, bamboo, vinyl, and glass.  

5.Understand the levels of hardness – The PEI Scale evaluates the hardness rating of tile for different traffic levels within your home. For medium-to-high traffic areas, use tile with a Class 3-5 hardness rating, 5 being the most durable. Tiles with a hardness rating of 1-2 should mainly be used for walls and backsplashes.  

6.Decide on a finish – Tile can come in gloss and matted finishes, just like photographs. This can impact the health of your family, so make sure you choose a tile for floors that is not too glossy or slippery, especially when wet. 

7.Develop a design – Envision the design you would like in your kitchen space. Mosaics and small details can be used to accentuate floors, walls, and especially backsplashes. Even countertops can be done this way. Draw it out or use a computer program.  

8.Choose the tile – Get assistance from a flooring specialist at a tile store near you. They will help you find the best selection with your ideas in mind. 

9.Go professional or do it yourself - Depending on your budget and motivation, you may want to tile the kitchen yourself or pay professionals. If you wish to do it yourself, here are some videos to help: tiling your kitchen countertop, backsplash, floor, and walls. 

10.Enjoy! – Your newly renovated kitchen should feel like you stepped into a new home. Enjoy it! 


Perfect Kitchen Tile