Why Choose Granite Countertops?

The heart of any home lies in its kitchen, and this is the room that usually receives the most attention from homeowners and home buyers. This means you really want everything in your kitchen to not only be beautiful in appearance, but also to be the best possible value for your investment.

This leads to the selection of your countertops. There are a lot of different choices available today for your countertop material, from cheap laminates to high-priced crushed glass. Many of these man-made countertop materials do their best to mimic the beauty and natural artistry of granite. Some come as close in appearance as any picture could be to the real thing, but none of them can equal the true natural beauty of stone, and none can come even close to its quality.

Granite countertops are traditionally the choice for any dream kitchen, and the favorite of homeowners, and real estate agents. This desirable countertop surface that enhances the beauty of any kitchen also increases the value of any home. One reason that granite is so appealing in a kitchen is obvious to anyone - granite is gorgeous! No matter which stone you choose for your kitchen design, it is guaranteed to be unique. Nature has conspired to create art in every type of granite on earth. Some stones are dramatically patterned in dynamic colors, swooping veins and dazzling sparkle. Other stones are more subtly elegant, earth tones flecked in sophisticated black or rich garnet. Colors in granite range from subdued to flamboyant, and provide enough diversity for anyone to find the colors that suit their taste.

Granite Countertops Another reason for granite’s appeal is its amazing durability. Your countertop is made out of a material that has already lasted longer than the dinosaurs, and has endured as a building material since ancient times. This is not a countertop that will become worn out or damaged during the life of your kitchen. There are few countertop surfaces on which you can safely place a hot roasting pan or cut up a chicken, but granite doesn’t get burned, melted or scratched

Granite countertops also do not require any more care or maintenance than your wooden furniture or stainless steel appliances. The cleaners with built-in sealers that are now available are as easy as wiping on furniture polish, and don’t need to be applied any more often than you would normally clean your kitchen. Not only does granite resist stains, but bacteria can’t grow in stone! Granite is the only countertop surface that is as resistant to germs and bacteria as stainless steel.

Finally, granite countertops are actually more affordable than the man-made countertop manufacturers would like you to believe. Some of the rare and exotic stones can be really expensive, but stones that are abundantly available are also as inexpensively priced as some of the cheap, low-budget countertops. So whatever your kitchen design budget may be, there is a granite countertop for you!