Patio Tile

If you are looking to expand your indoor space into the great outdoors, patio tile is a great choice. It adds class and charm while giving your family a valuable space for dining or relaxing. Make a list of your ‘must haves’ and bring it to us, we can help you select the perfect tile for your patio. 


If you have children, pets or a clumsy spouse you’ll want to make sure you purchase tiles that are durable, strong and resistant to chipping and scratching. If your patio will connect to an outdoor pool or spa area you will need tiles that can handle exposure to chlorine and the materials you use for cleaning. If the patio is not covered you need to ensure your tiles can withstand full sun exposure, rain and anything else mother nature throws your way. How the tile feels on bare feet is also important to some people and heat absorption is a major factor if you live in a warm climate.  

The Look 

Some people prefer a smooth uniform look while others like the rustic look. If you have a porch or portion of the house that connects to the patio you may want to consider going with similar materials or colors to ensure a cohesive look. Red, black, white and gray clay tiles are the most popular types of patio tiles but ultimately there are many other options available. 

Glazed or Unglazed? 

Glazed tiles can be slippery unless they are manufactured with sand in the glaze to create a safer, less smooth surface. Unglazed and glazed tiles can be mixed in your design, use unglazed tiles for the main walk area and glazed tiles for an accent around the outer edge. You can also make designer rugs using tiles of contrasting colors in glazed or unglazed. These outdoor rugs mimic the look of indoor rugs and they add some interest to your space. 


Get a group of friends to help install the tile or call our professional installation team, either way it’s a perfect time to tile that patio. Fire up the grill, get out the lawn chairs and get ready to enjoy your amazing new space. 

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