Pool Tile

If you’re designing a new pool or fixing up an old pool you have many choices for pool tile. Before you choose a color or style it’s best to choose the type of tile you want. Each type of tile has its own unique qualities. 


Your options range from; glass, mosaic, brick, stone or porcelain. Make sure you take into consideration the cost and maintenance involved for future care of the tiles. If you choose brick or stone you will get a natural look but may spend more time on maintaining the look. Porcelain and glass are easy to clean and lower maintenance. 


Once you have the type of tile chosen you can then decide what color or style you prefer. White or natural colored tiles are classy and have a clean look. It’s also fun to consider mosaic tile where you can go with different shades of blue to enhance the beauty of the water. Or you can go bold with glass tiles and choose a design that fits your style and personality. 


There are many fun and unique ways to design a pool. You can choose tiles for the inner wall of the pool or go all the way and tile the entire pool. Some people place a design at the bottom of the pool while others focus on the pool wall. When you are choosing tile for your pool also take into consideration the area around the pool. Maybe some matching tile could be added around the hot tub or used as decorative tiles around the patio or outdoor fireplace.


When choosing tiles for outside or around a pool area, safety is important. Make sure you choose tiles that are not slippery. Glass tiles for example are beautiful in a pool area and reflect the sun beautifully however they are slippery when wet. You can use glass accent tiles just do not put them in a walkway or create a path with them. 


When you choose to tile a pool you are adding value to your home, it’s an investment. Your family will enjoy the pool and design you choose for many years to come. Please call us for help with DIY or professional installation. We can also help you calculate how much tile and supplies you will need. 

Pool Tile