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Drawing from international manufacturing factories, Eleganza has distribution warehouses throughout Mexico, the United States, and Canada to help ensure you not only receive a quality product, but that you get it as soon as possible.

For outdoor patios and poolside, try one of the Eco-Outdoor 2.0 porcelain stone styles. The results are marvelous and will give your outdoor area a wonderful look that will last for many years to come. Interested in a thin, modern look? The Slimtech styles offered through Eleganza come in many different colors and textures to give rooms and furniture an elegant, finished look. Or for a tiled wood imitation, Eleganza has a host of styles to choose from, including Acacia, Digiwood, Patina, Vivaldi, and Wood Royale.

You won’t find these modern designs and styles available anywhere else at such prices, nor will you receive such reliable service. Eleganza’s mission is to bring superior quality and style into your home at a price everyone can afford.

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