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The United Tile brand name is well known throughout the Pacific Northwest and is offered by tile retailers and installers throughout the region. The company offers unsurpassed quality and a magnificent selection of ceramic tile, natural stone tiles, glass tile, metallic tiles, decorative tiles and borders and mosaic tile. They even provide quarry tile, and wood and leather tile. They also assist in the design and selection process by providing several incredible showrooms in places like Portland and Spokane for designers and homeowners to peruse marvelous tile vignettes and become inspired to create their own unique tile designs utilizing the United Tile selection.

Tile is a versatile surface covering that may be installed in virtually any room in your home or commercial building. United Tile provides a wide variety of tiles suitable for various uses, including floor tile, wall tile, countertop tile, outdoor patio tile, fireplace tile and more. The diversity of materials, colors, textures and styles allows anyone to find the perfect tile within the expansive United Tile collection.

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