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For space that needs updating, Encore Ceramics has the most creative, unique tiles that you will find anywhere. From wall tile to floor tile or a beautiful covering for your fireplace we have the pieces that will make your design stand out from all others.

Choose from mosaics in wave, circles, and hexagon, oval and rhombus patterns. We have plaques, moldings, liners and architectural elements such as corbels, arch corners, columns and bases. Select from color pallets in: glosses, mattes, crackles, precocious, jewels and quartz.

In any design plan it’s important to add special elements to add interest. Our three piece Sea Maiden plaques in truffle, gorgeous, maize and stream colors are sophisticated graceful and a pleasant offset to mainstream decorating. Consider an update for your pool, spa, patio, kitchen, bathroom or hallway. In a wide array of sizes, variety’s and colors; we have products that will please even those with the most discerning tastes.

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